Our Signature Package

Most of our clients realize the importance of all of our services and they compliment one another.  Our signature package allows those clients to have an opportunity to receive comprehensive care by working with our entire team. This package also offers a discounted rate for services.


A La Carte Services


Holistic Medicine Consults

Holistic Medicine focuses on the whole body. It offers natural and pure ways of treating and preventing disease.  Our holistic medicine doctor visits you at your home for consultations. Recommendations for natural herbal and nutraceutical medications, lifestyle modification, and nutrition therapy is recommended.  It can be a perfect adjunct to what your physician is recommending you do or a tool to prevent disease later in life if you are otherwise healthy.


Kitchen Cleanse

Food and labels can be confusing. Unhealthy and toxic foods can sneak their way into your kitchen and sabotage your health.  Our kitchen cleanse offers you the tools to understand food and make healthier choices. Together with our team, we will create three personalized recipes and help you cook them. We will provide basic culinary education, meal prep tips, and educate you how to build flavor. We will also help you remove preservatives and unhealthy food from your kitchen cabinets and donate it for you!


Nutrition and Dietary Consults

Nutrition and dietary counseling not only ensures you are putting the right foods in your mouth, but the correct amounts of it. This counseling can be specific to disease treatment or prevention and can help to ensure your body is functioning at the optimal level. Our dietitians consult our clients via Skype at times that are convenient. Meal plans with respect to weight loss, exercise, and proper nutrition are available.


Lab & Allergy Testing

We work with a concierge laboratory company that visits you at home or place of work at a time convenient for you to draw your lab studies. We can test serum cholesterol, allergies, blood cells, hormones, among many other labs to help our team direct your care.

Group Events and Workshops

Often, clients prefer to learn in the group setting. Our workshops are a way that we can provide information about a specific health topic.  Workshops include a demonstration and Q&A session so that attendees can learn how to feasibly incorporate healthy choices into their lives.

Topics includes 'Food Labels 101', 'Fatty Facts', 'Sugar & My Body', 'Food Fuel for Exercise', 'How Jessica Got Clean', among many others! 


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