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Our Approach

Our Approach puts the clients first. We consult and meet you IN YOUR HOME, making YOU the center of your care. Our team is professional and focuses on building a foundation for a healthy life - NO quick fixes, NO gimmicks, and NO shortcuts! We address the barriers you have keeping you from succeeding and help you find ways around them!

Our Beginning

EYWTW was founded by Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C. Jessica struggled with heartburn, ulcers, fainting episodes, partial seizures, and PCOS and found her treatment focused minimally on healthy food and was very difficult to incorporate into her lifestyle. Self educated and determined to heal her body, Jessica made shifts in her food choices and noticed considerable improvements in her health. It was important to create services that helps guide others through the same struggles. Learn more about her story in the downloadable E-Book, "The No Doc Method".

Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C

Founder & Managing Member

Jessica is a practicing physician assistant. She has a masters degree in health science and is becoming certified in culinary medicine. Jessica has been practicing for 7 years in Philadelphia, PA.  She founded Eat Your Way to Wellness, LLC in 2016 as a platform to educate people who were confused about food as it related to their bodies and how to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Kristen Roscioli, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian and Chef

After completing culinary school, Kristen worked as a chef a health and wellness institution where she trained under a nutritional chef. Kristen combined her love for healthy alternatives and food and received a masters degree in nutrition and dietetics. She has been practicing in Philadelphia, PA for more than 8 years.

Megan Collins, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian

Megan found her love for nutrition and healthy food young in life when she was fueling her body for dance training. After completing her masters degree, Megan worked as a retail dietitian at ShopRite. Her expertise is is guided store tours, deciphering food labels, and individual counseling on disease prevention and treatment.

Lauren Sovible

Meal Prep Leader

Lauren leads by example, choosing whole foods, cooking her meals at home from scratch, and planning ahead to have healthy snacks. As a mom, former school teacher, and school principle, she is a self taught home cook and health advocate. Lauren knows how hard it is to fit 'healthy' into the week and now helps others by providing grocery shopping and meal prep services.

Sharon Mahan

Non-Toxic Educator

Sharon is a mother of two, business woman, cancer survivor, and all star investigator of household and personal care products.  Sharon received an MBA from NYU and has built and incredible business ( devoted to helping people make healthier choices for their homes and their health. Sharon's provide in home assessments and individualized lifestyle detox plans with 7 day per week support.