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" Jessica's workshop was one of my favorite parts of the event and inspired me to start eating better right away. Her tip to make and freeze a lot at once just might change my life. Just made a HUGE pot of oatmeal last night to freeze for this month's breakfasts"

Allison, Facebook, The Positivity Charge Retreat 2017


They're FUN and the PERFECT interactive way to learn! Workshops can be done at places of business or client homes.  During this time, the team can answer general questions about health and disease. The Eat Your Way to Wellness Team has advanced degrees in various aspects of medicine and that comes through in their applicable and fun workshop!

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'Food Labels 101- Label Reading, Buzz Words'

'Fatty Facts- All about fats and HOW to use them in your Cooking'

'Sugar & My Body- Is it bad? How does it effect my health?'

'Food Fuel for Exercise- Macros? Joint Pain? Sore Muscles!'

'Plant Based Eating'- What does it mean? How can I do it?


30-45 Minutes Meal Prep and Nutrition education

Cooking Demonstration

Food Samples

Q&A session

Set Up and Clean Up


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