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We LOVE helping people just like you learn the tools they need to be healthy. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no supplements.  These are tools you will use for the rest of your life.

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A La Carte Services

Kitchen Cleanse Workshop

It can be hard to figure out HOW to make the meals you LOVE in a healthier way. NO WORRIES! Our kitchen cleanse offers you the tools to understand food and make healthier choices. Our team will create a personalized menu and help you cook through it at your home.  The workshop includes basic culinary education, meal prep tips, food label reading, grocery store tour, and pantry stocking. We will also help you remove preservatives and unhealthy food from your kitchen cabinets and donate it for you!

Nutrition and Dietary Consults

Nutrition and dietary counseling not only ensures you are choosing the right foods, but the correct amounts and portions of it. Dietary counseling can be specific to disease treatment, weight loss, or general health and prevention.  Making educated and guided food decisions can help to ensure your body is functioning at the optimal level. Our dietitians consult our clients via Skype at times that are convenient. Meal plans with respect to weight loss, exercise, and proper nutrition are available.

Holistic Medicine Consults

Holistic Medicine focuses on the whole body. It offers natural and pure ways of treating and preventing disease.  Our holistic medicine doctor visits you at your home for consultations. Recommendations for natural herbal and nutraceutical medications, lifestyle modification, and nutrition therapy is recommended.  It can be a perfect adjunct to what your physician is recommending you do or a tool to prevent disease later in life if you are otherwise healthy.

Weekly Meal PREP

We have a found a way to take a chore off of your "To Do list". We come into your home, shop for groceries, cook, and store your meals. After we package the meals for you- we even clean up. You don’t need to lift a finger! If meal prepping is something that is stressful to your daily life or difficult for you to achieve, let’s set up a time to discuss this service. Our meal prep team member is Lauren, a mom, healthy food advocated, and experience home chef.

Home and Body Toxicity Assessment

We value what we put ON our bodies just as much as what we put IN our bodies. Laundry detergent- air fresheners -home cleanser- cosmetics -body soap- it can be toxic to our health. This assessment will provide a step-by-step plan to detox your home and product recommendations/swaps. This program includes support 7 days a week for 1 month from date of assessment. This assessment will be performed in the comfort of your own home. [Will be required to complete basic paperwork in advance.]

Speaking with A Large Group

Often, clients prefer to learn in the group setting. Our workshops are a way that we can provide information about a specific health topic.  Workshops include a demonstration and Q&A session so that attendees can learn how to feasibly incorporate healthy choices into their lives.

Topics includes 'Food Labels 101', 'Fatty Facts', 'Sugar & My Body', 'Food Fuel for Exercise', 'How Jessica Got Clean', among many others! 

Healthy Lifestyle is About More than Food

We make sure that what we put ON our bodies and in our HOMES is  JUST as safe and clean as  what we are eating. That is why , we trust Pure Haven.  From hand soap to  laundry detergent, your house hold and cosmetic needs are safe and effect. Learn more about it HERE.