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Nutrition and Dietary Consults

Nutrition and dietary counseling ensures you are choosing the right foods AND the correct amounts of it. Dietary counseling can be specific to disease treatment, weight loss, or general health and prevention.  Making educated and guided food decisions can help to ensure your body is functioning at the optimal level. Our dietitians consult our clients via Skype at times that are convenient. Meal plans with respect to weight loss, exercise, and proper nutrition are available.

Speaking With a Group

Often, clients prefer to learn in the group setting. Our workshops are a way that we can provide information about a specific health topic.  Workshops include a demonstration and Q&A session so that attendees can learn how to feasibly incorporate healthy choices into their lives. ... Read More ..

Product & Food Review

So many of our followers, fiends, and clients want to know about healthy food options and kitchen gadgets that make food prep easier. We feature products and food on our social media pages and on local media platforms. What to be 'Eat Your Way to Wellness Approved' ? Email us at and let us know a little bit more about you!

Home And Body

We value what we put ON our bodies just as much as what we put IN our bodies. Laundry detergent- air fresheners -home cleanser- cosmetics -body soap- it can be toxic to our health. Here are the products WE USE in our homes, kitchens, and on our bodies. By the way, We have done the research ... these are some of the best and non toxic ingredients on the market! ... Read More ..