Does Your Food Need a Spring Cleaning?

How many times have you wanted to start fresh and eat clean?

DanceFit Chestnut Hill and Eat Your Way to Wellness
have something that can help! 


The Details >>>

 Together, we want to educate you with real facts about food so you can make better decisions to fuel your body. Our goal is to help you eliminate inflammatory and processed foods with clear education and practical implementation. Think of it like spring cleaning for your food!
This program is open to EVERYONE!

Hosted by: Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C and Megan Croxford, RD, LDN

When: Thursday, March 15 through Saturday, March 31.

Where: It will be from the privacy and comfort of your own home!


Jessica and Megan will be leading the group in a private Facebook group. They will provide two LIVE video education on topics - healthy fats, best snacks, food additives and probiotics. In the group, Jessica and Megan will posting daily tips or recipes to help you stay on track.  The group members, Jessica, Megan, and the Dance Fit team will also be answering questions and providing feedback.

When You Join the Program, You will Get >>>

- Free Gift Bag filled with Goodies
- Shopping lists of suggested foods to eat
- Lists of foods recommended to avoid
- Recipes ideas
- Daily healthy habit ideas
- Daily tips, articles, or recipes
- Real time feedback from Jessica and Megan within 24 hours
- WELCOME and PROGRAM review on March 14 8pm
 - Education on March 14 and 21 at 8 -9 pm - LIVE in the group
 - End of challenge free workout class at DFCH
3/31/18 at 11 am

Ready to Get Started on YOUR Spring Cleaning? 

Follow the Steps Below!


Step 2:

Check Out Here.

Step 3:

  1. Before the program begins, you will be receiving a waiver form via Docusign. In order to confirm your identity, Docusign asks you to confirm personal, public record information. It is a secure site so please do not be worried! We do not have access to any of the information provided.
  2. You will be receiving all the needed information via email ... Facebook group invite, shopping lists, recipes, etc.  We will not be able to provide this information ahead of time. Thank you for understanding.

Keep in Mind ...

This does NOT replace or negate any advice, recommendations, or treatment plans that your healthcare or wellness provider have given you.
Never change, modify, or discontinue any current treatment plans or eating habits without first consulting with your healthcare or wellness provider.
This program is only meant to provide facts and data. There are no rules or actions that are mandatory.  You must use your discretion. If you do not feel comfortable with doing something, don't !
You make your own decisions.