Why Are People Are Excited About Eat Your Way to Wellness??

Eat Your Way to Wellness is unparalleled  in their expertise and excellent care and work with their clients. As a team, Eat Your Way to Wellness, provides comprehensive care that bridges the gap between your physicians office and your home. Here is what people are saying!




"I met Jessica from Eat Your Way to Wellness through a networking group and I reached out to her about meal prep!  Lauren who works with her made these AMAZING meals that were within the calorie count i wanted, balanced perfectly and everything was crazy healthy!  Jessica made it affordable and the process so awesome! She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and i truly trust her!  She checks in on me constantly and I look forward to using her services again!  EAT YOUR WAY TO WELLNESS is amazing!!!"

- Jessica S., Yelp Review of Meal Prep Service, Nov. 2017


"I have been interested in healthy living for decades now and yet I learned several things from this short class.  I was heartened to find medical providers who as as knowledgable about holistic living as well  as the 'regular', 'allopathic' medicine.  There is a great need in our society today for their expertise and their need will continue to grow. In the future, we will all be responsible for our own healthcare. Its good to see help for all of us developing"

-  Mary, Whole Foods Market Workshop, Feb. 2017

" Jessica's workshop was one of my favorite parts of the event and inspired me to start eating better right away. Her tip to make and freeze a lot at once just might change my life. Just made a HUGE pot of oatmeal last night to freeze for this month's breakfasts"

Allison, Facebook, The Positivity Charge Retreat 2017

Our Team

We have a kick butt, dedicated, all female, knowledgable team.