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Food Journal Template BELOW

Dont show up to your practitioners office empty handed! Use this free food journal template to keep 1-2 weeks of data to review with your practitioner. This will keep you ahead of the game AND make your time together more effective!


Eating Habits:

Food Item

Time Eaten

Portion Size (op- tional)

Preparation (raw, cooked, sauteĢed)


Bathroom Habits:

BM or Urination





Other details: (looked like, difficult to begin or pass, odor, urgency)

Today, I feel: Stressed Happy Sad Overwhelmed Angry/ Frustrated Distracted Tired Other: ________________________________________________________________________

Today, my body feels: Tired Achy Itchy Toned Energized Strong Other: ________________________________________________________________________

Today, my stomach feels: Full Bloated Flat Bad Good Uneasy Gurgly Other: ________________________________________________________________________

Today, my skin feels: Oily Dry Many Blemishes Clear Rashes Itchy Other: ________________________________________________________________________

Today, it was hard to: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I can solve this problem(s) by: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Night, I slept:

<4 hours 5-6 hours 7-8 hours 9-10 hours >10 hours

I have questions about .....


Next Steps...

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